3a: Deposit and withdrawal in the same year, is that possible?

Yes, it’s pos­si­ble. In the 3rd pil­lar the­re is no blocking peri­od as is known when buy­ing into the pen­si­on fund. It is the­re­fo­re pos­si­ble to pay into pil­lar 3a in the same year in which you make a with­dra­wal, regard­less of whe­ther you pay first and then draw or vice ver­sa.

Why is there no blocking period in the 3rd pillar?

The rea­son why the­re is no blocking peri­od is the fol­lo­wing: In the 2nd pil­lar (PF), you can clo­se pen­si­on gaps from pre­vious years with a purcha­se. To pre­vent this pos­si­bi­li­ty from being abu­sed by with­drawing the money again short­ly after a purcha­se, poli­cy­ma­kers have impo­sed a three-year blocking peri­od. No with­dra­wals can be made for three years after a purcha­se, other­wi­se the tax deduc­tion that you could claim with the purcha­se will be off­set again retroac­tively (after-tax pro­ce­du­re).

It’s dif­fe­rent in the third pil­lar. In the 3rd pil­lar it is not pos­si­ble to make up for mis­sing con­tri­bu­ti­on years. The­re is a par­lia­men­ta­ry initia­ti­ve that deman­ds exact­ly that. Howe­ver, the pro­spects of the initia­ti­ve suc­ce­e­ding are low. Sin­ce it is still not pos­si­ble to make sub­se­quent purcha­ses, tax tra­ding (high tax savings on depo­sits and redu­ced tax on pay­outs) is not pos­si­ble on a lar­ge sca­le. The­re is the­re­fo­re no need for a blocking peri­od.

Deposit also possible in the year of retirement

If you want to pay in the year in which you reti­re, you can do so up to the maxi­mum amount of the 3rd pil­lar. Howe­ver, you are requi­red to pay in befo­re your 64th or 65th bir­th­day. This is becau­se you have to with­draw your saved 3a credit balan­ce by then at the latest. After that date, the pen­si­on fund may no lon­ger accept any pay­ments from you.

Excep­ti­on: If you remain employ­ed beyond the reti­re­ment age, you can post­po­ne the pay­ment of bene­fits for a maxi­mum of five years beyond the nor­mal reti­re­ment age. This also means that you can con­ti­nue to make pay­ments.

writ­ten on 07.05.2020

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