1e Collective Foundation

On the cutting edge. With the 1e pension plan from finpension, you remain attractive to high level employees. Individual, secure and without redistribution.



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Your benefits

We manage your data in-house and we are at your service with reliable and competent contact persons at all times.

1e solutions are part of our core business. We invest continuously in consulting and development to make the access as easy as possible for HR and the insured employees.


Tailored to your needs


Without conflicts of interest


Leading online platform


finpension is owner-managed

Individual pension plans

A 1e pension plan is as individual as your needs. We are happy to take time for you.

Basically, a 1e plan is always divided into a savings process and a risk insurance. The maximum savings contribution per year is on average 25% of the insured salary. Various benefits can be insured as risk coverage:

  • Disability pension
  • Disability child‘s pension
  • Exemption from contributions
  • Spouse’s and partner’s pension
  • Orphan‘s pension
  • Lump sum death benefit*

*In general, the saved retirement assets are not used to finance the spouse’s and the partner’s pension, but are paid out in full and in addition to any insured lump-sum death benefit (full restitution). If desired, the insurance coverage can be reduced to a partial restitution on voluntary purchases.

max. Ø Savings contribution

Professional investments

A 1e pension plan is only as good as its investment solution.

With finpension’s 1e collective foundation, your insured persons can invest in investments that are otherwise reserved for institutional investors. In particular, these investments are cost-effective and can reclaim significantly more tax on foreign dividends.

Insured persons who leave can seamlessly continue their investment strategy in our vested benefits foundation.

Low Costs

Transparent and no hidden costs


Cost-effective and source-tax optimized

High Equity Exposure

Strategies with up to 85% equity exposure possible

Connection Solution

finpension Vested Benefits Foundation

Possible investment strategies

You can offer your insured persons up to ten investment strategies. As a rule, less is more. According to the law one of the investment strategies must be low-risk.

Below we show you a possible set of investment strategies. Passive investment strategies such as these give the 1e plan a certain neutrality and can also be implemented in a sustainable manner (ESG sustainability criteria).

Individual investment solution? That is also possible. Please get in touch with us. We will be happy to check how we can best implement your ideas.
finpension Equity 0
Product costs (TER): 0.00 %
finpension Equity 20
Product costs (TER): 0.01 %
finpension Equity 40
Product costs (TER): 0.01 %
finpension Equity 60
Product costs (TER): 0.01 %
finpension Equity 80
Product costs (TER): 0.02 %

Transparent Costs

The amount of the risk premium depends on the insured benefits. The administrative costs amount to CHF 100 per insured person per year.

In addition, there are the costs for the investment strategies. We offer these with an all-in fee that also includes the product costs (TER).

Other fee models may apply with individual investment strategies.


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