Depends on the remaining life expectancy

A suspension of the AHV pension is worthwhile in the following cases:

  • if woman becomes older than 85 years
  • if man will be older than 86 years

The remaining life expectancy at age 65 is as follows (source: BfS):

  • Remaining life expectancy of women at 65: 87.7 years
  • Remaining life expectancy of men at 65: 85 years

Since women have a remaining life expectancy that is almost three years longer than men, it is more worthwhile for women to defer their AHV pension.

More attractive than early withdrawal

Deferring an AHV pension looks relatively attractive compared to an early withdrawal. This is partly because the AHV manages its assets. Meanwhile, on pensions that are not disbursed until later, the AHV can continue to earn dividends and interest income.

Over the past 10 years, the AHV had assets averaging CHF 44 billion (with annual expenditures averaging CHF 41 billion). On these assets, it has earned a return of 2.66 % per year on average.

Pension surcharge per month

Postponement of the AHV pension is possible, regardless of whether they continue to work or not. A pension deferral always leads to a higher pension.

An AHV pension can be deferred for at least 1 year. After that, the pension can be called at any time at the beginning of a month. The maximum duration of a deferral is 5 years.

Once a deferral has been requested, it can only be revoked during the first 12 months since reaching the regular retirement age. After that, the deferral is definitive. This means that after this period the model can no longer be changed and no regular pension can be claimed retroactively for the time that has elapsed since the normal retirement age. This is an exception to the fact that AHV pensions can also be claimed retroactively (max. for five years back).

It is always most worthwhile to draw the pension at the beginning of a new stage, i.e. on the 12th, 15th or 18th month. If the pension is withdrawn two months later, this does not lead to any improvement in the pension. If the pension is drawn for the first time at the 14th, 17th or 20th month, one would voluntarily give up two pensions.

Deferral in monthsPension surcharge in %

AHV contribution obligation remains

If you continue to work beyond the regular retirement age, you remain liable to pay AHV contributions from an allowance of CHF 16’800 per year or CHF 1’400 per month. You are only relieved of the contributions to the unemployment insurance (ALV).

The AHV contributions you pay after the normal retirement age no longer increase the pension. Only the OASI contributions paid between the ages of 21 and 64 or 65 are relevant.

Influence on other pensions

The deferral may have an impact on other pensions. If you think that they are affected, we recommend that you have the situation explained to you by the AHV compensation office.

Children’s pensions

For children under the age of 18 or in education up to the age of 25, persons entitled to a pension are entitled to a child’s pension. This child’s pension is also deferred if the AHV retirement pension is postponed.

Widow’s and widower’s pensions

No widow’s or widower’s pensions are paid during the deferral period.

Spouse’s retirement pension

The deferral may also affect the spouse’s pension. This may have to be recalculated.

Registering a deferral

A deferral of the pension must be applied for within the first twelve months of reaching regular retirement age. This can be done using the form for registering a retirement pension by answering yes to the question «Do you want to defer your retirement pension?» under point 8. Flexible retirement age.