Limits in occupational benefit plans

The limits of the second pillar will be increased to 2021. The new coordination deduction amounts is CHF 25’095 (2020: CHF 24’885).

BVG Obligation

(annual salary)20202021
Entry thresholdCHF 21’330CHF 21’510
Upper limitCHF 85’320CHF 86’040
Minimum coordinated salaryCHF 3’555CHF 3’585
Maximum coordinated salaryCHF 60’435CHF 60’945

UVG Insurance

(annual salary)20202021
Maximum insured salary UVGCHF 148’200CHF 148’200

BVG Supplementary Portion

(annual salary)fromto
2020CHF 85’320CHF 853’200
2021CHF 86’040CHF 860’400

1e Plans

(annual salary)fromto
2020CHF 127’980CHF 853’200
2021CHF 129’060CHF 860’400