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Last updated: September 2020

1. Declaration of agreement

By accessing the ( website and its sub-pages (hereinafter referred to as the «website») as well as the services, products, information, opinions, documents and functions etc. contained or described therein (hereafter referred to as «information»), you are confirming that you have understood and accepted the terms and conditions of use. Please also read any additional legal notices that apply to the services and products you are using as well as the in the Data Protection-Policy integrated website’s Cookie-Policy on the tracking technology used by the website.

2. Reservation of the right to amendment

The terms of use, legal notices and any information on the website can be amended at any time without prior notice. You should therefore check these terms of use regularly. If you have not understood a provision of the terms of use or do not agree to these terms, please leave the website.

3. Access and restrictions

The website is intended for people who live in Switzerland. Those who are subject to legislation prohibiting them from accessing the website due to their nationality, place of residence/registered office or for other reasons are not permitted to use the website. Certain services and products described on the website are also subject to restrictions which occur as a result of residency, nationality or customer segmentation, in particular. For this reason, it cannot be ruled out that certain services and products described on the website are not permissible or suitable for you.

4. No advice and no offer

The information published on the website is intended for informational and advertising purposes. It neither constitutes advice – whether on legal, tax, financial or other aspects – nor a recommendation or offer concerning the purchase or sale of products or the conduct of other transactions or the conclusion of any legal transaction. The fact that you have accessed the website does not make you a customer of finpension.

5. Electronic transfer of data and services provided by third parties

When you use any finpension service or send email, text messages or other communications to us from your computer or mobile device, you are communicating with us electronically. We will communicate with you electronically in a variety of ways, including e-mail, text messages or other communications on our website or through other finpension services. You agree to receive electronic communications from us and that all consents, notices, disclosures and other communications that we provide to you electronically will be in writing unless otherwise required by applicable law.

When data is transmitted over an open network that everyone can access (for example, the Internet or text messages), the data may be transmitted across borders, even if both sender and recipient are located in Switzerland. As a rule, information sent by email or by text message etc. is not encrypted when it is transmitted. Such information is therefore not protected under Swiss law. Even in the case of encrypted transmission, the sender and the recipient remain unencrypted. This is why it is possible for third parties (for example, the Internet provider) to infer the existence of a customer relationship. In addition, data that is transmitted electronically is at risk of manipulation and misuse.

6. Exclusion of warranty and liability

finpenison takes due professional care in preparing the information published on the website. However, finpension assumes no warranty for the topicality, correctness, accuracy or completeness of any information published on the website. finpension reserves the right to update, amend or delete without notice and at any time, information published on the website. The opinions and assessments expressed on the website reflect the opinion of finpension at the time of publication and do not constitute a general or specific legal, tax or other recommendation.

The information on the website is provided «as seen» and «as available». finpension excludes any warranty for access to the website or individual functions operating without faults or interruptions, for errors being rectified or for viruses or other harmful components transmitted during use of the website.

finpension assumes no warranty for the topicality, correctness, accuracy or completeness of the information published on the website. Insofar as legally permissible, finpension excludes any liability for direct and/or indirect damages or lost profits arising from the use of or access to information on the website and/or from links to third-party websites or from the impossibility of using or accessing these. This exclusion of liability shall also apply to all damages that can be ascribed to a third-party tampering with the website. finpension also rejects any liability for third-parties tampering with your IT system.

7. Caveat with regard to all intellectual property rights

All information published on the website is protected intellectual property and is owned by finpension or third parties. The information may only be freely used for personal use. No part of the website or information contained therein is intended to grant a licence or a right to use a registered trademark, a logo, an image or other content comprising protected intellectual property. Without the written permission of finpension, it is prohibited to systematically access contents of the website in order to, directly or indirectly, compile a collection, a database or a directory.

finpension reserves all intellectual property rights with regard to all information published on the website and will fully exercise all means to enforce its rights.