8. April 2020


Added value through fle­xi­ble and cost effi­ci­ent pen­si­on con­cepts: fin­pen­si­on sets its focus on the digi­tiza­ti­on of pen­si­on bene­fit sche­mes and has set up the inno­va­ti­ve pen­si­on solu­ti­ons your­pen­si­on and value­pen­si­on. The­se are inde­pen­dent pen­si­on foun­da­ti­ons, for which fin­pen­si­on AG is respon­si­ble for mana­ging and advi­sing custo­mers. Our aim is a fair, trans­pa­rent and cost-effi­ci­ent pen­si­on bene­fits system. We capi­ta­li­ze on the oppor­tu­nities of the digi­tiza­ti­on with fle­xi­ble and needs-ori­en­ted solu­ti­ons.

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