8. April 2020


In 2019, fin­pen­si­on was able to more than trip­le its pen­si­on assets under manage­ment from CHF 60 mil­li­on to over CHF 200 mil­li­on. Sin­ce its incep­ti­on in 2016, over 100 com­pa­nies with 1’000 insu­red per­sons have joi­ned the 1e collec­ti­ve foun­da­ti­on your­pen­si­on, inclu­ding ten publicly listed com­pa­nies and the Uni­ver­si­ty Hospi­tals of Gene­va. value­pen­si­on has also deve­lo­ped very well. It con­tri­buted to more than half of the growth in the second year after its foun­da­ti­on. A 3a solu­ti­on with secu­ri­ties is cur­r­ent­ly being plan­ned.

valuepension — the leading digital platform for investing vested benefits

value­pen­si­on offers an easy-to-under­stand secu­ri­ties solu­ti­on at an unri­val­led pri­ce. You can invest your vested bene­fits world­wi­de in secu­ri­ties, glo­bal­ly diver­si­fied with an all-in fee of 0.49%. Whe­re­ver pos­si­ble, with­hol­ding tax-opti­mi­zed index funds are used. Index funds are pre­fer­red to ETFs.

Part­ners and their cli­ents bene­fit from valuepension’s effi­ci­ent pro­ces­ses. On the one hand, they bene­fit from the foun­da­ti­on, which admi­ni­sters the pen­si­on assets sepa­r­ate­ly from the mana­ging com­pa­ny, and on the other hand from finpension’s modern, pro­cess-opti­mi­sed IT infra­st­ruc­tu­re.

value­pen­si­on has auto­ma­ted port­fo­lio manage­ment and secu­ri­ties tran­sac­tions, which is not only reflec­ted in the low all-in fee. Our cli­ents also save money whe­re nobo­dy actual­ly noti­ces. Pri­or to buy­ing secu­ri­ties, an inter­nal check is made to ensu­re that ano­t­her cli­ent does not intend to sell the same secu­ri­ties. This pro­cess is cal­led net­ting and has the posi­ti­ve effect of redu­cing the spread costs for the cli­ent.

value­pen­si­on is a vested bene­fits foun­da­ti­on based in the can­ton of Schwyz. It was foun­ded by fin­pen­si­on AG at the end of 2017 and is super­vi­sed by the Zen­tral­schwei­zer BVG- und Stif­tungs­auf­sicht (ZBSA). You can find out more about value­pen­si­on on its web­site at www.valuepension.ch.

yourpension — the fastest growing 1e collective foundation in Switzerland

That makes the num­ber of over 100 com­pa­nies and 1’000 insu­red per­sons who have joi­ned your­pen­si­on sin­ce its foun­da­ti­on in 2016 even more satisfy­ing. This ranks your­pen­si­on as the fastest-gro­wing 1e collec­ti­ve foun­da­ti­on in Switz­er­land, as shown in the cur­rent pen­si­on fund com­pa­ri­son (2020) (order based on the pen­si­on fund ran­king):

your­pen­si­on was able to achie­ve this posi­ti­on thanks to its exper­ti­se in both pen­si­on and invest­ment topics. Com­pe­tent sup­port for the com­pa­nies and their insu­red per­sons is essen­ti­al for the intro­duc­tion of  1e plans. your­pen­si­on inve­sts far more in this than other pro­vi­ders on the mar­ket. For examp­le, onboar­ding days are orga­ni­zed at the start of the plan. In a per­so­nal mee­ting, the insu­red can cla­ri­fy que­sti­ons about the 1e plan, port­fo­lio manage­ment and gene­ral pen­si­on issu­es. The insu­red are also clo­se­ly accom­pa­nied later on (Open-Door-Days).

Ano­t­her important rea­son why your­pen­si­on is at the top of the list of 1e solu­ti­ons for many com­pa­nies is the invest­ment in well-engi­nee­red, digi­tal pro­ces­ses. HR is able to enter all chan­ges such as sala­ry chan­ges online, can view at any time who is regi­stered and the­re­fo­re insu­red can gene­ra­te con­tri­bu­ti­on over­views and view con­tri­bu­ti­on state­ments. Insu­red per­sons are accom­pa­nied in an easy-to-under­stand onboar­ding pro­cess to find the right invest­ment stra­te­gy for them. They can chan­ge their stra­te­gy every mon­th at no addi­tio­nal cost, view their pen­si­on state­ment online at any time and gene­ra­te a per­for­mance report.

your­pen­si­on was initia­ted and deve­lo­ped by the foun­ders of fin­pen­si­on AG. fin­pen­si­on is owner-mana­ged, which is ano­t­her important argu­ment for many com­pa­nies to choo­se your­pen­si­on. Ano­t­her advan­ta­ge of this its inde­pen­dence. fin­pen­si­on does not have to sell addi­tio­nal pro­ducts, becau­se the offer of your­pen­si­on is pro­fi­ta­ble as it is. This means that fin­pen­si­on employees are also in gre­at demand when pen­si­on reci­pi­ents need advice. They can legi­ti­mate­ly expect it to be inde­pen­dent and not sales-dri­ven.

The your­pen­si­on — collec­ti­ve foun­da­ti­on is domic­i­led in Lucer­ne. It is also super­vi­sed by the Zen­tral­schwei­zer BVG- und Stif­tungs­auf­sicht (ZBSA). “Die Mobi­li­ar” pro­vi­des reinsuran­ce for the risks of death and disa­bi­li­ty. René Stef­fen is the pen­si­on fund expert. More about your­pen­si­on at www.yourpension.ch.