Interest rates of 3a-accounts compared

Com­pa­ri­son pre­pa­red on: April 17, 2020

The average inte­rest rate on 3a accounts at 81 Swiss banks amounts to 0.168 %. Inte­rest on 3a accounts has thus fal­len by a fur­ther 0.05 per­cen­ta­ge points wit­hin six mon­ths. Our com­pa­ri­son of inte­rest rates as of Sep­tem­ber 25, 2019, show­ed an average inte­rest rate of 0.211 % at that time.

One bank stands out in the cur­rent com­pa­ri­son. It is the Cais­se d’Eparg­ne d’Au­bon­ne socié­té coo­pé­ra­ti­ve, which offers an incredi­ble inte­rest rate of 0.75%. We can­not say how it mana­ges to do this in times of mor­tga­ge inte­rest rates of 1%.

BankInte­rest Rate 3a-Account
Aar­gaui­sche Kan­to­nal­bank0.100%
acrevis Bank AG0.150%
AEK BANK 1826 Genos­sen­schaft0.200%
Alpha RHEINTAL Bank AG0.200%
Alter­na­ti­ve Bank Schweiz AG0.025%
Appen­zel­ler Kan­to­nal­bank0.250%
Baloi­se Bank SoBa AG0.050%
Ban­ca del­lo Sta­to del Can­to­ne Tici­no0.400%
Ban­ca Popola­re di Son­d­rio (Suis­se) SA0.250%
Bank BSU Genos­sen­schaft0.150%
Bank CIC (Schweiz) AG0.300%
Bank Cler AG0.200%
Bank EEK AG0.150%
Bank EKI Genos­sen­schaft0.200%
Bank Gan­trisch Genos­sen­schaft0.150%
Bank in Zuzwil AG0.100%
Bank Leerau Genos­sen­schaft0.150%
Bank Linth LLB AG0.150%
Bank Obera­ar­gau AG0.050%
Bank SLM AG0.150%
Bank Spar­ha­fen Zürich AG0.100%
Bank Thal­wil Genos­sen­schaft0.150%
bank zwei­plus ag0.000%
Ban­que Can­to­na­le de Fri­bourg0.200%
Ban­que Can­to­na­le du Jura SA0.100%
Ban­que Can­to­na­le du Valais0.100%
Ban­que can­to­na­le neu­châ­te­loi­se0.100%
Ban­que Can­to­na­le Vau­doi­se0.100%
Ban­que du Léman SA0.100%
Basel­land­schaft­li­che Kan­to­nal­bank0.200%
Bas­ler Kan­to­nal­bank0.200%
BBO Bank Bri­enz Ober­has­li AG0.150%
Ber­ner Kan­to­nal­bank AG0.200%
Berner­land Bank AG0.050%
Bezirks-Spar­kas­se Dielsdorf Genos­sen­schaft0.300%
Bie­ne Bank im Rhein­tal Genos­sen­schaft0.150%
BS Bank Schaff­hau­sen AG0.150%
Bur­ger­ge­mein­de Bern, DC Bank Depo­si­to-Cas­sa der Stadt Bern0.200%
Bur­ger­li­che Erspar­nis­kas­se Bern, Genos­sen­schaft0.300%
Cais­se d’Eparg­ne CEC SA0.200%
Cais­se d’Eparg­ne d’Au­bon­ne socié­té coo­pé­ra­ti­ve0.750%
Cais­se d’Eparg­ne de Cossonay socié­té coo­pé­ra­ti­ve0.300%
Cais­se d’Eparg­ne de Nyon socié­té coo­pé­ra­ti­ve0.500%
Cli­en­tis Bank im Thal AG0.250%
Cli­en­tis Bank Thur Genos­sen­schaft0.150%
Cli­en­tis Bank Tog­gen­burg AG0.100%
Cli­en­tis EB Ent­le­bu­cher Bank AG0.150%
Cré­dit Agri­co­le next bank (Suis­se) SA0.350%
Credit Suis­se AG0.100%
Erspar­nis­kas­se Affol­tern i.E. AG0.150%
Freie Gemein­schafts­bank Genos­sen­schaft0.000%
Glar­ner Kan­to­nal­bank0.150%
Grau­bünd­ner Kan­to­nal­bank0.200%
Hypo­the­kar­bank Lenz­burg AG0.100%
Leih­kas­se Stamm­heim AG0.150%
Luzer­ner Kan­to­nal­bank AG0.150%
Migros Bank AG0.200%
Neue Aar­gau­er Bank AG0.250%
Nid­wald­ner Kan­to­nal­bank0.150%
Obwald­ner Kan­to­nal­bank0.150%
Post­Fi­nan­ce AG0.150%
Regio­bank Män­ne­dorf AG0.200%
Regio­bank Solo­thurn AG0.150%
SB Saa­nen Bank AG0.200%
Schaff­hau­ser Kan­to­nal­bank0.200%
Schwy­zer Kan­to­nal­bank0.100%
Spar- und Leih­kas­se Buchegg­berg AG0.200%
Spar- und Leih­kas­se Thayn­gen AG0.150%
Spar- und Leih­kas­se Wyni­gen AG0.200%
Spar­cas­sa 1816 Genos­sen­schaft0.050%
Spar­kas­se Schwyz AG0.100%
St.Galler Kan­to­nal­bank AG0.050%
Thur­gau­er Kan­to­nal­bank0.150%
UBS AG0.100%
Urner Kan­to­nal­bank0.150%
Vali­ant Bank AG0.100%
WIR Bank Genos­sen­schaft0.300%
Zuger Kan­to­nal­bank0.100%
Zür­cher Kan­to­nal­bank0.050%
Zür­cher Land­bank AG0.150%

- Cer­tain banks have inte­rest limits and account manage­ment char­ges.
- Whe­re no value is ente­red, no infor­ma­ti­on on the inte­rest rate was avail­ab­le.
- The Raiff­ei­sen group is not listed becau­se each bank has dif­fe­rent inte­rest rates.

The rea­son for the low-inte­rest rates is the gene­ral­ly very low-inte­rest rate level in Switz­er­land. In order to pre­vent an appre­cia­ti­on of the Swiss franc, the Swiss Natio­nal Bank (SNB) intro­du­ced nega­ti­ve inte­rest rates in 2014. Short­ly the­re­af­ter, it drop­ped the mini­mum euro exchan­ge rate and rai­sed nega­ti­ve inte­rest rates to the cur­rent level of 0.75 %. In view of the cur­rent Coro­na cri­sis, it is spe­cu­la­ted whe­ther the SNB will go fur­ther to pro­tect the Swiss franc and the­re­fo­re Switz­er­land as a busi­ness loca­ti­on.